Collection Management 

Art collecting is both an aesthetic endeavor and a form of asset allocation. Our focal point centers on the artful guidance and meticulous cultivation of our clients' esteemed art collections. With unwavering commitment, we traverse both the primary and secondary realms of the art markets. By orchestrating exclusive visits to artists' studios, we foster intimate connections with creative visionaries. Furthermore, we educate collectors on value assessments before acquisition and re-appraise work as its value changes over time. This is made possible by keeping a close eye on relevant artists' work valuations, encompassing discreet private sales and public auction transactions, allowing a client to remain attuned to the nuanced rhythms of the dynamic art ecosystem.

Art Purchases

We offer strategic guidance throughout the acquisition process, delivering expert services with meticulous attention to each stage. Operating on a global scale, we specialize in identifying artworks, conducting thorough due diligence, arranging viewings, facilitating negotiations and acquisitions, and devising impeccable auction strategies.

Art Selling

We provide selling advice to gain the most favorable financial outcome for our clients. We keep an eye on market conditions, negotiate terms of sale, have complete oversight on pricing and take care of pre & post-sale logistics.

Art Commissions

Some of our artists can create art on a client's invitation. We consult with the artists and help you monitor the schedule and production process.  


ZETTAI’s extensive network of prominent international curators possesses proficiency across diverse art mediums. Our curators excel in crafting innovative exhibition concepts that span from intimate gallery presentations to extensive museum displays and large-scale art fair productions. Our curatorial services encompass a comprehensive range, including artistic direction, strategic guidance, and the seamless production of diverse art projects. Whether it's engaging talk program, impactful exhibitions, groundbreaking digital creations, we possess the expertise to execute projects of all magnitudes.


ZETTAI's network comprises art writers and critics who curate a versatile range of content, encompassing articles, interviews, art critiques, and exhibition texts. Our deep sense of pride emanates from our collaboration with leading writers and editors, embodying a diverse global perspective. Through these partnerships, we foster connections that enrich artistic narratives and elevate impactful discourse on an international scale.

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