Collection Management 

Art collecting is both an aesthetic endeavor and a form of asset allocation. We educate collectors on value assessments before acquisition and re-appraise work as its value changes over time. This is made possible by keeping a close eye on relevant artists' artwork value through private, undisclosed sales and public auction sales.

Art Purchases

We provide tactical advice on acquisitions providing expert service and attention to detail at every step. We work globally to identify artworks, provide due diligence, set up viewings, assist with negotiation and acquisition, and develop flawless auction strategies.

Art Selling

We provide selling advice to gain the most favorable financial outcome for our clients. We keep an eye on market conditions, negotiate terms of sale, have complete oversight on pricing and take care of pre & post-sale logistics.

Art Commissions

Some of our artists can create art on a client's invitation. We consult with the artists and help you monitor the schedule and production process.  

Art Investment Consultation

We advise art investment opportunities that generate capital appreciation through investment and trading in the art market or by underwriting artworks to be sold at auction. Additionally, we offer private accounts for a made-to-measure approach to capital preservation and long-term growth by investing in unique quality artworks and providing short-term co-investment opportunities.


We work with your current database or can recommend one for your collection.

Art Insurance

Insurance underwriters and brokers trust ZETTAI's appraisal methods, which means we have private endorsements with many vendors. We will help insure your precious artwork during shipping and transfer, during warehouse storage, and while being exhibited. In case of damage, we oversee the claim with your policy. 

Tax & Documentation

We can advise on art-specific tax situations and work with partners to provide appropriate tax advice and documentation. 

Shipping & Packaging

For private collectors, we work with your preferred logistics services or find a shipping company that meets our strict criteria. We help with shipping and packaging all across the world. For art institutions, we keep a strict exhibition protocol to keep track of the condition of artworks, shipping methods, and value of your works when they travel to exhibitions.


ZETTAI is uniquely situated to advise on curatorial projects. We partner with independent curators and artists from all over the globe to build international exhibitions and work on creative projects.  


ZETTAI collaborates with independent art writers and critics to produce articles, bios, promotional texts, funding applications, and interviews with artists.  

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