ZETTAI is a global contemporary art advisory based between Tokyo, and Amsterdam. Featuring a team of established international art experts from all over the world, ZETTAI's focus are world’s leading and emerging artists, emerging currents, and original artworks. ZETTAI’s mission is to promote cross-cultural exchange between Japan and the world while bringing depth, knowledge and expertise. 

How do we assist art collectors?

ZETTAI streamlines all aspects of building a fine art collection, from initial education and acquisition to installation and collections management. We have a unique understanding of every aspect of the art world while taking great pride in making these processes transparent for the clients.

No matter what stage in an art collection journey a collector is in, we meet each client's unique needs with utmost discretion and expertise. Through our services, collectors can acquire significant works of art from both leading and emerging artists. Our clients will be given guidance on purchasing from galleries, directly through artist's studios, private collections, and at auction. ZETTAI also provides the opportunity for participating in private tours of artists' studios and exclusive events. ZETTAI provides all of these services domestically and overseas.

Additionally, we keep a close eye on art schools, fairs, and auctions to provide our esteemed clientele with knowledge of global art developments as and when they occur.

How do we assist artists, galleries, not-for-profits, museums and art fairs?

Our role extends beyond guiding art collectors through the intricate landscape of forming connections with artists and gallery venues. We also collaborate directly with artists, galleries, non-profit organizations, museums, and art fairs to engage in curatorial endeavors and unique projects. Apart from our curatorial contributions, we extend editorial services that encompass diverse forms – be it crafting articles, critical art reviews, or securing features in prominent art magazines. Thanks to our expansive network of editors and writers, we have the ability to facilitate the generation or establishment of connections with the leading industry professionals.

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